SISTER LOCATIONS?! MORE THAN ONE... - FNAF Dayshift at Freddy's (Five Nights at Freddy's)

I (Razzbowski) today go over the NEW Five Nights at Freddy's fan game 'Dayshift at Freddy's'. IT'S A RPG FNAF GAME BABY by Direct Doggo. Dayum, this FNAF game has some crazy plot lines. The Phone guy and purple man are hilarious monsters. Enjoy this Five Nights at Freddy's Fan game Dayshift at Freddy's and drop a like if you do. GAME DESCRIPTION. The game is 100% complete, aside from patches to fix bugs. Thanks and enjoy the game. Browser version now here, enjoy. "Hi, welcome to your new summer job at the new and improved Freddy Fazbender's pizza. I just want to ask you. what's wrong with you. You're in a town with 15 available jobs and yet you still pick the one with the killer robots that gives you less than minimum wage. Well, okay. Welcome to 1987.". This is a satirical take on the FNaF series where instead of hanging around during the night like a nightguard or a hooligan, you're there at an even scarier time. DURING THE DAYSHIFT. D(ayshift) a(t) F(reddy's) or DAF, is controlled almost like a dating sim. Almost. You use dialogue options and a map to navigate the pizzeria, each room has many activities for you to complete. You spend 5 days at Freddy's. You DO have choices and those choices do have consequences. There's 9 endings. "What do I do during the day?" I hear you ask. Well, you can:. •Sort through drawings to put on the walls. •Talk to Phone Guy. •Murder children dressed as an infamous movie character. •Scrounge around for change. •Play terrible minigames. •Exist in 1987. •Serve pizza with several toppings. •Wear springlock suits. •Yiff the fox. •Eat salad, and then be fired for eating the aforementioned salad. And more, because I clearly hate myself enough to make this, heh. So far, every day is fully finished (minus the odd tweak/bugfix) and aside from the odd aforementioned bug/tweak, the game's done. If there's demand, I guess I can consider another game. Please, tell me what you think. |--| #fnaf. Credits:Scott for FNaF, respective owners for Stock images, Fazboggle for Breadbear, WitheredFoxy for misc resource, Incompetech for music, Yanfly, MOG and Galv for misc coding, Everything_Animations for models, Rick Astley also. If I forget anyone tell me. #fnaf. You all seemed to enjoy my Five Nights at Freddy's vids we are going to bring back some more horror videos to the channel such as Outlast and Layers of Fear. If you so enjoy these Five Nights at Freddy's vids then please let me know in the comment section below and drop a like. Thank you and here's to the future. FNAF World announcement -.

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