Blaze And The Monster Machines Full Episodes | Cartoon Games For Children | In English

Blaze and the Monster Machines introduces children to fundamental concepts of science, technology, engineering and math. Blaze and the Monster Machines' STEM (science, technology) curriculum uses the scientific principles that children encounter in their everyday experiences and relates it to the exciting world of monster trucks. Through great storytelling and action-packed adventures, children are introduced to scientific vocabulary so that they can understand and talk about the phenomena they observe. Blaze encourages children to think about how things work and why they work that way. This kind of critical thinking helps children to better understand how engineering and technology provide solutions to everyday problems. Math is weaved into each episode in order to show how basic skills like being able to count, compare, classify, and measure are fundamental to scientific knowledge. Every episode provides children with the vocabulary to think more deeply and the skills needed to make connections among ideas and concepts-allowing them to understand a bit more about the unseen forces that play a part in their world. |--| Thank for watching.

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