Should You Play League of Legends?

Pax East fan meetup info will be posted on my TWITTER. This video was the third attempt between separated collaboration between me and my two new part time editors, James Ottey and Isaac Roby. I've hired them so I can work on my passion projects whilst also producing quality videos for you guys by outsourcing some of the editing, for now they're covering simple videos like this one and the ones where I just talk about shit, the next video I'll be working together with them on will be a Should you Play video. Don't think that this is gonna make me take the slightest step back from content creation, in fact I'm working on the most uberdanger video I've made in a very long time which will be finished when I come back. In terms of hentai over-edits it's my ultimate masterpiece. I'll see you guys when I get home from Boston : ).

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