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Have fun learning about animals with this Alphabet song. Lyrics of the song:. Do you know the animals abc song. Let's sing it, with Bob the Train. |--| AAA Alligator. He's so big and green. BBB A Butterfly. She's pretty like a queen. CCC A Caterpillar. How slow it crawls. |--| DDD A Dog. Look at him hop on his paws. EEE An Elephant. His trunk goes on and on. |--| FFF A Frog. |--| It's tongue sticks out so long. |--| GGG Giraffe. I can only see him halfway. HHH A Hippopotamus. She can lie in the river all day. III an Iguana. It looks like a little Dinosaur. JJJ A Jaguar. He's got a thousand spots and more. |--| KKK A Kangaroo. Look at her hop around. LLL A Lion. King of the jungle he's crowned. MMM A Monkey. Doesn't he love the trees. |--| NNN A Newt. Careful, she's going to sneeze. |--| OOO An Octopus. She's sure got a handful of arms. PPP A Penguin. Isn't it funny how he walks. QQQ A Quail. Those are eggs she's sitting on. RRR A Rhinoceros. We better be careful of that horn. |--| SSS A Starfish. She can only be found in the sea. TTT A Tiger. I think this one's feeling sleepy. UUU A Urial (please check pronunciation). It's horns do catch your eyes. VVV A Vulture. She can fly so high in the sky. WW A Walrus. I wonder how it's teeth grew. |--| XXX An X-Ray Fish. You can almost see right through. YYY A Yak. I think she feels very cold. |--| ZZZ A Zebra. He looks like striped horse. That was the Animals ABC Song. |--| Wasn't it fun. Then come back soon, with Bob The Train!.