ONE SLAP PER DEATH CHALLENGE! | Minecraft Crazy Craft 3.0 Episode 2

Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft Crazy Craft. SkyDoesMinecraft is joined again by RedVacktor for more Crazy Craft adventures. They start with lamenting the lack of items around them, but hey, Red returns from his diamond retrieval mission with peaches, so. Go Red. They decide to embark on crazy suicide missions, so they set out to find some Damons in order to climb a tree to jump off of. First, Red constructs them a base in a tree, complete with bunk beds and some chests. They get a little carried away with their sleeping arrangements and work through the night, then they go to bed. Sky jumps out of the tree to his death to find out if it saved their stuff, and concludes, when it spawns him a ridiculous distance away, that it didn’t. Red follows suit but somehow lives, so Sky jumps down and punches him to death. They finally decide to continue on their mission, but instead Red insults ants because, really, why do ants need the moon. They don’t. They’re ants. They climb to the top of the tree and mine the diamond up there (you know, where one generally finds diamonds), then they build over to another tree that conveniently has a second diamond on it. Red disappears for a moment and everyone is overwhelmed with his unbelievably accurate impression of Drake, and Sky reminds everyone just how bad he is at parkour. They mine some amethyst and then climb the amethyst stairs to approach a dragon, and, predictably, the dragon kills Sky. Red functions as YouTube Sensation RedDistracter, and then he, too, dies. Red reminds everyone that red is a creative color and then morphs into a chicken, and then Red joins Sky in his studio to give him a slap. But, ever the gentleman, Red agrees to be slapped in turn because he died to. And that’s it for this Minecraft Crazy Craft. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!.

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