Counter Strike Global Offensive: I'm Not Dead!!

Welcome back everyone. |--| Sorry it had to take this long for me to upload a video. |--| But i've been very busy with life. It was never my intention to have this much time between uploads but you can't control everything that happens in life. Nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy this video. Though It might not be my best work ever I felt I had to upload this just to let you guys know I'm not dead and won't be for some time. |--| I love doing Youtube but life just got in the way for a while. Enjoy the video. Music from:. Incompetech. Bensound. Positionmusic. MachinimaSound. Audionautix. The players:. me -Bart- (C4RP3T) - White Text. Bernd (Burndsnider) - Red Text. Berend (xdr92) - Brown Text. Jens (Tarzan) - Green Text. Sylt (Tlys) - Blue Text. Toon(Tooneytunes) - Lightblue Text. Marko(Thilium) - Yellow Text. Tom(Snailpower) - Purple Text. Twitter:.

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